Spain Has Issued 75,000 Temporary Protections for Ukrainian Refugees So Far

From the start of the conflict in Ukraine until April 25, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has conceded an aggregate of 74,965 impermanent assurances for Ukrainian outcasts.

Spain Has Issued 75,000 Temporary Protections for Ukrainian Refugees So Far

In a proclamation gave on April 26, the Spanish government declared that out of 74,965 safeguard records, 39,031 or 52.1 percent had been handled and settled at police headquarters, visaoperation reports.

"I need to exploit this visit to feature the unprecedented work that the public police have been doing since March 10 in this assignment. They are overseeing in minutes, in a joint effort with the Asylum and Refugee Office of the Ministry of the Interior, the uses of the uprooted and easing beyond what many would consider possible the experiencing because of the takeoff to which they have been constrained", the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez brought up in such manner.

Furthermore, the public authority uncovered that of the absolute number of exiles who have gotten brief assurance from Spain, 38.44 percent are younger than 18, while 67.58 percent are ladies.

The information additionally show that 23.65 percent of insurance reports were given to the dislodged Ukrainian populace somewhere in the range of 19 and 35 years of age. Another 31.53 percent for Ukrainian evacuees between the ages of 36 and 64, and 6.39 percent for those north of 65 years of age.

As to, 67.58 percent of brief insurance records were given to uprooted ladies, contrasted with 32.42 percent of choices for dislodged men.

"In like manner, 98.74 percent of transitory securities have been conceded to outcasts of Ukrainian identity, while 1.26 percent have been allowed to lawful inhabitants in Ukraine who have an alternate ethnicity. Every one of the securities involve a home grant and a work license for those of lawful age," the public authority uncovered.

Then again, the General Directorate of Traffic has discovered that uprooted people getting impermanent insurance can lawfully apply for their driving licenses in Spain for somewhere around one year.

The independent networks that get the most demands are as per the following:

  • Madrid (14,709)
  • Catalonia (14,377)
  • Valencian Community (13,155)
  • Andalusia (11,236)

Correspondingly to Spain, the Norwegian government reported on April 22 that it would perceive the driving licenses of Ukrainian exiles so they can drive while remaining in Norway, for an under time of one year.

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