Matthew Perry REVEALS why his breakup was over a beautiful amazing' Julia Roberts post dating two months

Matthew Perry is divulging all about his brief affair that lasted just a few months with Julia Roberts! In his highly-anticipated

Matthew Perry REVEALS why his breakup was over a beautiful amazing' Julia Roberts post dating two months

Matthew Perry is divulging all about his brief affair that lasted just a few months with Julia Roberts! In his highly-anticipated, forthcoming memoir, titled Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing, not only did Perry the Friends star share how he got Roberts Oscar winner to make a cameo appearance on the famous sitcom but, Perry revealed the reason for his breakup with Roberts after only dating for two months.

What's the reason Matthew Perry & Julia Roberts split?

A portion of Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing in The Times and Entertainment Weekly, Matthew Perry shared the reason for the breakup with Julia Roberts: "Dating Julia Roberts was just too for me. I had always been convinced that she would be the one to break up with me. Why was she so sure? I wasn't enough; I was never enough. I was damaged bent, unlovable, and broken. Instead of facing the pain of losing her, I broke up with the stunning and stunning Julia Roberts. She could have thought of herself as doing a lark with a TV star and the TV man was breaking up with her. I'm not even able to express the expression of disbelief in her eyes." Julia Roberts' reps didn't immediately respond to our request for comment.

What Did Matthew Perry Convince Julia Roberts to Cameo in Friends?

In addition, Matthew Perry revealed the intricate method he used to persuade Julia Roberts to guest star in Friends Season 2 Episode 13 named The One After the Superbowl Part 2. Matthew revealed that the actress, who is 54 years old, was approached about appearing in her part in Friends episode, and Julia Roberts was said to have stated that she would accept the show if "she was a part of the story." Perry was adamant about Julia's demands and jokingly asked, "Was I having a great year or not?" He also said, "But first, I had to convince her." He succeeded.

Drawing inspiration from Friends creator Marta Kauffman, Matthew Perry tried to woo Julia Roberts by sending over three dozen roses and an e-mail that reads: "The only thing more thrilling than the idea of you being on the show is the fact that I finally have a reason for me to give you flowers." But Julia would not be convinced quickly: "Her reply was that If I could adequately explain the quantum mechanics to her she'd accept to be on the show. Wow. First off I'm participating engaged in a trade with the woman whose lipstick was first invented and I'm now required to go through on the shelves."

"The next day I sent her a document on the duality of wave particles and the uncertainty principle as well as Entanglement. Only a small portion of it was a metaphor," Matthew Perry recalled before saying "Not just did Julia consent to the show, she also gave me a present: bagels Lots and many bagels. Yes, why not? It was Julia F ****g Roberts."

Incredibly, it was through a fax device that the couple from the past forged the friendship that quickly changed into a romantic relationship: "I did let her in, both literally as well as literally, and a relationship started. We were already two before we even began making"the Friends Super Bowl episode."

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In the 2021 interview 2021 with The Hollywood Reporter, Friends Executive Producer Kevin Bright recounted the back-and-forth messages in between Matthew Perry as well as Julia Roberts, which included the quantum physics paper request as a condition for a special appearance on the popular show: "My understanding is that Matthew went off and wrote a piece of paper and faxed it back to her later that day."

On the other hand Friends Staff writer Alexa Junge was able to recall these notes "There there was lots of flirting about faxing. She would give him questions like"Why should I be on a date to dinner with you?' The writers' room was able to help him to explain the reasons. He could have done pretty well without us But there was no doubt that we were part of Team Matthew and working to help him."

What was the character Julia Roberts played in Friends?

Julia Roberts made her Friends appearance on Season 2 Episode 13 titled The One After the Superbowl Part 2. The hilarious show Roberts was Susie Moss, Chandler Bing's (Matthew Perry) former classmate from school. Following their reunion and the beautiful pair begin an explosive relationship. However, Susie's real intentions are evident when they go out for a date night that night, when Moss is seen stealing all of Chandler's clothes and even his underwear, in retaliation for her humiliation in fourth grade.

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