Category D Visa for Long Stay Visits

Austria class D visas are given for stays that surpass a multi-month time span in the nation and they are not to be mistaken for extremely durable home licenses.

Category D Visa for Long Stay Visits

Austria Category D Visa for Long Stay Visits

Austria class D visas are given for stays that surpass a multi-month time span in the nation and they are not to be mistaken for extremely durable home licenses.


Austria Employment Visa

An Austria business visa is given for third country people who will work and acquire productive work in Austria. There are three kinds of long-haul work grants in Austria, specifically the one-year work license Beschäftigungsbewilligung, the two-year work grant Arbeitserlaubnis, and the unlimited work grant Befreiungsschein. It is important to work essentially for a year in Austria to get an unhindered Austria business visa.

Austria Job Seeker Visa

An Austria work searcher visa permits its holder to remain in Austria to search for a task for quite a long time and in the event that he/she gets a new line of work during the length of the visa, it is feasible to apply for a business grant. A task searcher visa is typically allowed for Austrian college graduates or exceptionally qualified laborers like ranking directors or researchers.

Austria Family Reunion Visa

An Austria family get-together or reunification visa is given for third-country nationals that have companions, unmarried minors, or enlisted guardians in Austria as a resident. Austria family get-together visa requires novice German language abilities.

Austria Researcher Visa

An Austria analyst visa is allowed for people who can give a facilitating arrangement a confirmed exploration establishment to work in Austria as a scientist for over 90 days.

Austria Freelancer Visa

Assuming you are working area autonomously and have adequate methods for resources, health care coverage, and sufficient methods for convenience you can apply for an Austria consultant visa.

Austria Language Course Visa

An Austria language course visa is required for third country people who are wanting to remain in Austria between 90 days to a half year to learn German. An affirmation letter is asked from the getting organization as well as evidence of convenience, protection, and verification of adequate monetary sources from the candidate.

Austria Student Internship Visa

A temporary job that surpasses three months is considered beneficial work in Austria for third nation nationals and requires an understudy entry-level position visa. The candidate needs to incorporate reports of adequate methods for resource, convenience, and motivation behind stay.

Austria Partnership Visa

An Austria organization visa is allowed for third-country nationals whose mate is an Austria resident. Fledgling German language abilities are expected to get an association visa.

Austria Work Permit Visa

Residents of non-EU nations who are intending to have some work in Austria are obliged to have an Austria work grant for a wide range of business special cases being analysts and researchers.

Austria Relative Visa

An Austria relative visa is given for life partners, enlisted guardians, and unmarried minors of Austrian residents. An Austria relative visa likewise incorporates free admittance to the work market to the holder and requires fledgling German language abilities.

General Requirements to Apply for Austria Visa

To effectively acquire an Austria visa it is vital to be ready and accumulate all the important data with respect to your ethnicity and reason for the visit ahead of time. There are sure stages to acquire an Austria touristic visa:


It is critical to apply for an Austria vacationer visa in a sensible time window. As a typical rule in the Schengen region, visa applications ought not to be given to comparing consulate15 days preceding the normal date of the appearance to the part country.

Make an Appointment

It is quite often expected to make an arrangement through the web or telephone to visit any Austrian consulate all over the planet.

Conclude Your Application

Discover which Austrian department is the most helpful for you to venture out since you really want to submit the necessary archives face to face. There will be a meeting held at the office to affirm your motivation for the visit as well as other supporting reports.

Accept Your Visa

In the wake of handling time, you will be educated by the comparing office or approved visa administration focus and an Austria vacationer visa ought to be attached to your identification.

Austria Visa Applications

You are expected to introduce the accompanying archives on the off chance that your ethnicity isn't qualified for a sans visa passage to Austria:

  • Printed and marked internet based application structure
  • Two visas estimated photographs which aren't more established than a half-year
  • A visa that is legitimate for no less than 90 days before the arranged date of takeoff, given over the most recent 10 years and should contain two clear pages
  • Duplicates of past visas if appropriate
  • An introductory letter that expresses your motivation for the visit
  • Full circle flight ticket data
  • Movement protection is legitimate in Austria and all Schengen regions.
  • hotel booking or convenience archives cover the term of stay
  • Verification of common status
  • Verification of adequate pay during your visit

There are furthermore required or supporting reports from specific candidates:


  • Business contract
  • A letter from the organization that expresses your nonappearance, length of the stay, and affirms getting back to the present place of employment
  • Bank proclamation of the most recent a half year
  • Personal expense form if pertinent
  • Unique bank slips

Independently employed:

  • Duplicate of permit to operate
  • Organization bank proclamation of most recent a half year
  • Personal assessment form if appropriate


  • Evidence of enlistment and no complaint endorsement from the enrolled school
  • Sponsorship archives on the off chance that the candidate can't uphold himself/herself monetarily during the time of the stay


  • Evidence of benefits of the most recent a half year

What is Visa Sponsorship for Austria?

Visa sponsorship is expected in Austria or any Schengen part state in the event that the candidate can't cover his/her costs for instructive or touristic purposes by own in the length of the stay. Support could be a parent, kin, different family members, or a companion. Notwithstanding, it would expand opportunities to acquire a visa in the event that the support is a first-degree relative or has a super durable home grant or citizenship in Austria or a Schengen country. The expected records from the support are:

  • A marked sponsorship letter that obviously expresses the relationship with the candidate, data on how and what costs going to be covered, individual and contact information of both the candidate and the support, and convenience subtleties of the candidate
  • An examined duplicate of the ID
  • Verification of adequate assets like bank proclamations or finance
  • Verification of domain or business proprietorship if relevant
  • Signatory fliers

You can actually look at our site for additional insights concerning visa sponsorships.

Austria Visa Rules

There are numerous nations across the globe that can enter Austria without a visa. On the off chance that your nation isn't qualified for without visa section to Austria, you want to get an Austria visa and take thought of the accompanying visa rules:

  • The visa application type of the kids under 18 years old should likewise be endorsed by a parent or lawful gatekeeper.
  • The identification ought not to be more seasoned than a decade and contain something like two clear pages.
  • The identification ought to be legitimate for over 90 days from the normal day of appearance to Austria.
  • The mindful department can demand a German interpretation of the reports in the event that expected records are not submitted in German or English language.

Austria Visa Requirements

Austria Visa Requirements for Third Country Nationals

Third-country nationals without a right of free development in the EU ought to apply for a visa to Austria from its missions across the globe. An Austria visa will empower its holder to travel any country inside the Schengen region in the term of the stay.

Austria Visa Requirements for US, UK, and Canada

Residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada can enter Austria without a visa if:

  • Their identification is substantial for over 90 days from the normal season of appearance to Austria,
  • They can introduce verification of adequate monetary means,
  • The motivation behind the visit is clear and archived.

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