• 03 Dec, 2021

Joy and Tears as the First Indian Flight Lands in USA Post Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the US last year to close its borders to international travellers from many countries, including India.

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the US last year to close its borders to international travellers from many countries, including India.

The US lifted Covid-19 travel restrictions. Emotions ran high. Many Indians waited anxiously to reunite with loved ones.

Parents who hadn't seen their kids in two years, grandparents wanting to hold their grandchildren in their arms, and fiancés eager to reunite with loved ones. All were shocked to see their loved ones emerge from the departure gate.

All passengers were on board the first flight to India from India on Monday, after restrictions were lifted.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the USA had to close its borders to all international travelers from many countries including India last year. Only passengers with visas from certain categories were allowed to travel later.

From November 8, the US opened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists. This gradual progressed towards a sense of normalcy, bringing joy to families and allowing them to reconnect with loved ones.

Mehul Shah, his wife and daughter, said that he booked the first flight the day he arrived. As they approached the airport, his two daughters, who were waiting anxiously for their parents, ran up to them.

"I booked the flight for November 1, when I heard that the US was opening travel to tourists again. They were rebooked for November 8. "I couldn't wait until

November 7th midnight when my wife, and I will be in a position to sit on the plane," he stated as he wept over seeing his daughters, one who is getting married in Indianapolis.

As the family hugged and snapped photos, they said "We have waited to long for this day."

Many families were treated in the same way after being separated for more than two years due to the pandemic.

Heeral Patel eagerly waited as the Air India flight from Delhi touched down. She watched the passengers slowly exit the airport doors after they had completed the immigration formalities.

"I am waiting for my father. She said that her father is 86 years and she has not seen him for over two years. She said that he has been living alone in Nadiad Gujarat for the past two years and has managed everything by himself during the pandemic.

Shah was speaking when her father appeared. He came out of the house and she ran to him. She touched his feet, then hugged him, both with teary eyes. It was a great flight. He hugged his daughter and said, "I'm just very glad to be here."

Rohit was waiting anxiously for his girlfriend, whom he hadn't seen in more than 9 months.

Jolly Dave, his girlfriend and telehealth physical therapist said that she used to say all the time that she wanted to break the FaceTime wall. This technology can't replace human interaction."


He stated that the pandemic taught him that the pandemic and the distance cannot destroy our spirit. They can't break our love, our affection, and our feelings for one another.

Marc was one of the last to leave immigration. "One of my bags still hadn't arrived. I was willing to leave that because I couldn't wait for Ishmit to meet me," she stated as they hugged, unable to contain their emotions.

Brajendra Bajaj was visiting his niece and granddaughter, who were pregnant. He was excited to meet them and said that it was still important for everyone to adhere to Covid-19 protocols, such as social distancing and mask wearing.

He said that while it was nice that travel is open up, we still need to be careful. He also stated that people don't want to live with restrictions on travel and lockdowns.

It is difficult to stay away from family and friends while you are sick. He said that the pandemic had taught us this and that it was up to us to make sure that travel is safe, borders are open, and that travel is not interrupted.

Hemal Sharma couldn't contain her emotions as she hugged her son-in law and daughter-in-law who were waiting at the airport for her. Sharma, who flew to Ahmedabad with Air India, stated that she has "no words" to describe her happiness. She had been waiting for this moment since 2020. I can't wait to meet my grandchildren. This is a very special day.

Rahul Patel, a New Jersey resident, said to PTI that the option to keep doors open is very powerful as he waited for his parents to arrive from Gujarat on Monday's early morning Air India flight.

He said that "Because things can change," and added that "if the doors are opened then we can travel back-and-forth, visit loved ones or families who may be sick."

"You can definitely go back and forth, and that relieves a lot pressure knowing that you can travel within a meaningful amount of time."

The USA is now allowing fully-vaccinated travelers to travel with COVID-19 vaccines, which have been approved by the World Health Organization. This excludes Russia's Sputnik IV and China's CanSino.

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